Air Quality Monitors

What we do

Our Advanced Ozone Monitors and Controllers estimates precise and quick ecological Ozone Concentration in an adaptable financially savvy bundle. The results incorporate simple voltage, hand-off and status markers Digital Read out with RS 232 correspondence interface (discretionary). The sign from Ozone sensor is taken care of to the Central Controller for fundamental input and control. Focal Controller keeps the Ozone Concentration of climate in the put down certain boundaries according to guidelines.

Main Features

How it works

Ozone concentration monitor cum sensor is provided for the occupied areas. At least one Monitor cum Sensor is provided for each AHU serving the area.

Product Highlights

Visual display is provided on the outer case of the Monitor comprising a digital display indicating the concentration of ozone in the occupied space.


The sensor, monitor and all components are mounted in one neat and compact case, suitable for wall mounting or duct installation. The indicating lights or the Display are mounted on the cover of the case