Ozone Generators

What we do

The OXYZONE-AIR PVT LTD Compact Series of ozone generators are little air-cooled units explicitly intended for lesser limits joining chip based control framework to guarantee a smooth and upkeep free activity. It includes a few capacity markers, flowmeter, variable ozone yield from 5 to 100% and Voltage Hi – Low cutoff. Extra securities and interlocks guarantee wonderful activity and assurance of the ozone generator.

Main Features

How it works

Ozone is created when dry air or oxygen gas is gone through the dielectrics of the ozone producing module. The ozone creating module is controlled by a high voltage/high recurrence board mounted inside the ozone generator.

Product Highlights

Safe, quiet and energy efficient High performance Compact and versatile" Low -cost High ozone concentration Low specific power User friendly Easily integrated Low service requirement


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