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Oxyzone air pvt Itd founded in 2019 , is a full Service provider of cost effective and environmentally friendy technology Our products and Services are nationally present in many different applications Since 1965. Machine international has been the bottled water industry’s reading supplier of ozone purification Systems. That leadership is the result of having both the highest quality equipment and the individualized Service that meets each customer’s specific requirements. Our system’s superior patented design assures consistent, reliable transfer of ozone into the water It is design for easy installation, operation and maintenance, trying you the confidence you need in a cost-effective way best casino games for android


Our state of the art ozone Lab testing facility is built to handle any request. We are able to perform ozone exposer testing on solids, liquids, and gases of all kinds Our Lab is also built to Service customers with a need for water quality analyses such as BOD, COD, TDS, iron, manganese, chloride, pH, bromide, sulfate, sulfide, etc . We are committed to developing new and innovative processes for ozone technology If you are unsure about the practice of a particular application, we will do all the testing required to verify if ozone is the answer for your problems Oxyzone air will help you to determine the most precise dose of ozone for your application. By so doing, we will help you to avoid overspending on overspending systems and still have enough ozone residual for your processes. to ensure that your ozone system


Oxyzone air manufatures one generators that incorporate the most sophisticated technologies available. As one of the largest ranges of ozone generators from the small residential scale to some of the largest ozone systems in the world, these systems are sure to exceed expectations. All Oxyzone air systems have a variety of technical features developed to simplify installation and maintenance and offer he best integration into a current process. done has been used in dozens of industries for many years to improve sanitation of surfaces and piping, few water purification, air treatment and odor control, wastewater treatment, and much more. Being one of the world’s most powerful oxidants, ozone is capable of accomplishing these tasks efficiently while leaving no l residuals. Having the ability to eradicate an extensive list of viruses and bacteria, ozone has proven itself to be the l most beneficial green technology available.